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I am trying to write a program that reads a line from a text document and prints the verbal equation into a mathematical one, but for some reason it is only reading the second and last lines of the TXT file.

Text example



int main()
  char name[21], namecopy[21];
  char *nc, com = 100;
  int num1, num2, p, i;
  FILE *file;

  file = fopen("C:\\hw10.txt", "r");
  strcpy(namecopy, name);

  while (fgets (namecopy,21,file)!=NULL)
    fscanf(file, "%[^,]%*c %i%*c %i%*c", &name, &num1, &num2);
    printf("%s %i %i\n", name, num1, num2);     

    if( strcmp( name, "subtraction" ) == 0 )
      p = num1-num2;
      printf("%d - %d = %i \n", num1, num2, p);

    if( strcmp( name, "addition" ) == 0 )
      p = num1+num2;
      printf("%d + %d = %i \n", num1, num2, p);

    if( strcmp( name, "multiplication" ) == 0 )
      p = num1*num2;
      printf("%d x %d = %i \n", num1, num2, p);

    if( strcmp( name, "division" ) == 0 )
        p = num1/num2;
        printf("%d / %d = %i \n", num1, num2, p);
  char ch=getchar();
  return 0;
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Instead of calling fgets, followed by fscanf, shouldn't you be calling fscanf by itself OR fgets followed by sscanf on the string fgets reads? –  Troy Dec 8 '12 at 3:35
fgets (namecopy,21,file)!=NULL;----- What you are doing with the values read in namecopy field??? –  Debobroto Das Dec 8 '12 at 3:36
strcpy(namecopy, name); This line seems pointless too, you are copying uninitialised name into namecopy, then overwriting it with the fgets. –  Troy Dec 8 '12 at 3:40

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This line:

fscanf(file, "%[^,]%*c %i%*c %i%*c", &name, &num1, &num2);

should be

sscanf(namecopy, "%[^,]%*c %i%*c %i%*c", &name, &num1, &num2);
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Thank you!, can you tell me why? so I can understand the mechanics of it? –  Eric Jurgens Dec 8 '12 at 3:46
fgets reads a line from the file. fscanf immediately reads another line, without letting the program format the input from line 1. Another probelm is that mixing fscanf and fgets to read the same file leads to file pointers that are not where you want them. Stick with fgets for now. –  jim mcnamara Dec 8 '12 at 3:49

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