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I have my node.js code like this

        category = [{"id":1,"name":xxx},{"id":2,"name":yyy}];
        var categoryData ={};
            categoryData[item.id] = item;        
                //data is the response from SolrClient
                categoryData[item.id]["data"] = data;
                log(categoryData);   //log1 
            log(categoryData);  //log2
        log(categoryData); //log3

log1 => the data that I have added to categoryData is logged correctly
log2 => I cant get the data that is logged in the callback function to SolrClient
log3 => same as log2

I understand that this has something to do with variable scope OR that the callback to SolrClient cannot access the same categoryData initialized before _.each .

I have wasted a lot of time debugging it but i guess I am doing some small mistake which I am not getting how to solve.

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what would really help you is proper indentation. –  Jonathan Ong Dec 8 '12 at 4:21

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If you adjust your logs to include a unique message with each (such as the comments currently next to them), they probably appear in a particular, and perhaps unexpected, order:


The issue you're experiencing isn't one of scope; it's one of timing. Functions can be called at any time -- not only immediately or synchronously as with _.each(), but also "later" or asynchronously as with SolrClient.select().

To ensure that all of the queries with SolrClient.select() finish before continuing, you can swap out _.each for async.forEach:

function(category, waterfallCallback) {
    var categoryData = {};

    async.forEach(category, function (item, forEachCallback) {
        categoryData[item.id] = item;

        SolrClient.select(query, function (data) {
            categoryData[item.id]["data"] = data;
    }, function (err) {
        waterfallCallback(null, categoryData);
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thank you somuch jonathan....i will try it out on monday ... –  user1244197 Dec 8 '12 at 9:02

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