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I have wirtten following code but it does not gets executed

<liferay-ui:input-checkbox param="<%=String.valueOf(item1.getUserId()) %>" formName="frmAllCompanyUserPanelDisplay" onClick="callAddEntry('String.valueOf(item1.getUserId())')" id="<%=String.valueOf(item1.getUserId()) %>"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
function callAddEntry(Hello) {
alert("Hello " + Hello);

It gives me same output 'String.valueOf(item1.getUserId())' rather then fetching id dynamically, but when i use normal input checkbox every line of code executed fine? why?

can anyone help me out in solving this javascript problem. Thanks in Advance.

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Try following one.. need to use expression in java script function as follows


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<liferay-ui:input-checkbox param="<%=String.valueOf(item1.getUserId()) %>" 
formName="frmAllCompanyUserPanelDisplay" onClick="callAddEntry('<%=String.valueOf(item1.getUserId())%>')" 
id="<%=String.valueOf(item1.getUserId()) %>"/>
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