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Here i have a probs,

i wanna sift automatically a div when it's right side element is removed from document. let all the elements are start from the right to left side like D C B A. in above example A is the first Div B is Second and so on. what i want that when i removed element A, the element B that was after A will be shift automatically at the position of a.

please tell me something if anyone have any idea about it.


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You have to assign div align="right" to all div elements. When one div is deleted all other will shift to right automatic. I think this will work.

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To achieve this effect you can use the css float: right;:

<div id='A' style='float:right;'>A</div>
<div id='B' style='float:right;'>B</div>
<div id='C' style='float:right;'>C</div>

If you remove A from the DOM then B will float automaticly to the right.

Take a look to SELFhtml too:


To do the removal via javascript you could use jQuery

<script type="text/javascript">
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Thanks dear, i applied this attributes to all divs But it's not working. i think to work it the page should be refreshed but i am removing element by javascript so ..... –  Abhisheks.net Sep 4 '09 at 6:47
I postet a suggestion how to hide it via jQuery. This works with the floating as well. –  Joe Sep 4 '09 at 7:19
nops dear i dont want that, removing of element is running successfully but after removing the first div, removing div's should be shifted to right but its not going. like this let E D C B A all of the are div's now if i removed a then it should be like this E D C B and now if i removed c then E D B. –  Abhisheks.net Sep 4 '09 at 7:41
Ok, then how do you perform the removal? Can you post some code to test your problem? –  Joe Sep 4 '09 at 17:07
nothing special. i only called a function in which the div id is passed as a parameter and the i found its parent element after that just removeChild. –  Abhisheks.net Sep 5 '09 at 5:42

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