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I want to calculate ciphertext=m(pow)e mod(n)

I saw this example in phpseclib:


$a = new Math_BigInteger(5);
$b = new Math_BigInteger(3);
$c = new Math_BigInteger(4);

echo $a->powMod($b, $c); // outputs 1 (eg. 125 % (4 * 31))

Can anyone explain echo $a->powMod($b, $c);?

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From the source code, powMod calls modPow, which says at the very top,

* Performs modular exponentiation.

Wikipedia says that modular exponentiation is:

a type of exponentiation performed over a modulus. It is particularly useful in computer science, especially in the field of cryptography. A "modular exponentiation" calculates the remainder when a positive integer b (the base) raised to the e-th power (the exponent), be, is divided by a positive integer m, called the modulus. In symbols, this is, given base b, exponent e, and modulus m, the modular exponentiation c is: c = be(mod m)

For example, given b = 5, e = 3, and m = 13, the solution c is the remainder of dividing 53 by 13, which is the remainder of 125 / 13, or 8.

In other words, it is the correct function to use for the thing you are doing.

Which, by the way, is insane. Never roll your own crypto. Never.

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ok thanks , and i also wants to know that whether i need any other extension to use these functions or can i just include the inbuilt files like include('Crypt/RSA.php'); in this example. for using these big ints or hexadecimal code? – Rahul Khatri Dec 8 '12 at 6:48
As noted in the documentation, it has it's own internal code to handle big numbers, but it can take advantage of installed extensions. It will select to do so automatically. – Charles Dec 8 '12 at 6:53
hmm thanks good help – Rahul Khatri Dec 8 '12 at 7:03

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