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I am working with a perl program that is going to have a variable number of arguments/parameters. Basically, my perl program is run by doing something along the lines of:

perl hello, I am a simple statement

The program does some odds and ends, but that's not important to what I'm trying to ask here. What I want to do with the "hello, I am a simple statement" part is pass that to the echo function within the perl script.

Though it should work with any number of arguments/parameters.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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When you execute the shell command

perl hello, I am a simple statement

It launches perl and passes these 7 arguments to it:

  • hello,
  • I
  • am
  • a
  • simple
  • statement

perl, in turn, will execute after populating @ARGV with the other arguments. As such, you could do

system("echo", join(" ", @ARGV));

Or course, that's exactly what echo does, so you could simply do

system("echo", @ARGV);

Or did you mean print when you said echo (cause it doesn't make much sense to execute echo)?

print(join(" ", @ARGV), "\n");

Note that it would be better if you passed the text as a single argument.

perl 'hello, I am a simple statement'

Your approach will fail, for example, if some of the words had more than one space between them.

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It's worth pointing out that it will fail because the shell will remove the spaces, not because of anything that Perl does. – Nathan Fellman Dec 8 '12 at 6:46

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