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I am attempting to create a X by Y checkerboard (by this, I simply mean that I could set any size for X and Y) using OpenGL ES 2.0, but I'm wondering how I go about creating the pattern.

I have already got the MVP matrix working well (presently I'm just using a solid colored rectangle), it correctly renders appropriate to the screen, centered and in full view (and each box [-created a couple test boxes] is square, regardless of the over-all size). The world coordinates are simple 1x1 spaces for each grid space, and the view and projection matrices bring it into perfect view.

What I can't work out is applying that checkerboard pattern. I considered first using a single rectangle as I am now, and applying a fragment shader, but I couldn't work out how to make that work given that the grid could be any number of spaces in either direction (and no longer in world coordinates by that point). I also considered creating a background and then adding a colored square every other space, but that seemed resource intensive for what should be a pretty simple job.

What would be the best way to go about this?

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I would use mod function and remainder to select the white or black And poke this into the color ... Look for some examples at the Famous http://glsl.heroku.com site

See figure 1.2 http://webstaff.itn.liu.se/~stegu/TNM084-2012/proceduraltextures.pdf

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