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I'm trying to capture an event with backbone i got an html like this

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head id="head"> 
    <title>Con RequireJS</title>
    <script data-main="Scripts/main" src="Scripts/require.js"></script>
    <div class="container">
            <button class="btnAuthenticate">Login with FourSquare</button>


And i'm trying to capture de event on click of that button with

events : {
'click .btnAuthenticate' : 'doAction' 

But when i create the view with

view = new thatView( {model:aModel, tagName: 'div', className: 'container' } ) ;

The el appears to be right in console


get's me

<div class="container><div>

but the event does not work! If instead i call

view = new thatView({el:'body'});

It does what it's suppose to, but then i can't append to the el i want! Any way around this?

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If you define tagName: 'div', className: 'container' Backbone will create a new div.container element. If you however want to reference an already existing DOM node then you should use el instead. I guess this should work for you:

view = new thatView({model:aModel, el: $('.container')});

Just make sure you create a view after DOM loaded.

More info http://backbonejs.org/#View-constructor

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yes works like a charm! –  Paranoid42 Dec 8 '12 at 8:01

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