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In my following code:

File f = new File ("c:\\temp\\mime\\java.exe");
Collection<?> mimeTypes = MimeUtil.getMimeTypes("c:\\temp\\mime\\java.exe");
MimeType m = mimeTypes.toArray(new MimeType[mimeTypes.size()])[0];

The output is always application/octet-stream no matter what file type is chosen ie csv, xls, exe, etc.

But according to the following site:


it should show as like ms-word or ms-excel etc.

How to make this work? All I want is just get the file type from file content(not by using file extension which is not very reliable). I was reading about other options like tika which requires too many files (like 20) which is too much for this single purpose and JMimeMagic which requires apache-oro which is a dead project hence I don't like the idea either. All other solutions seem to rely on file extension which seem not to be reliable as mentioned above.


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Did you see that stackoverflow.com/questions/51438/… ? – Georgy Gobozov Dec 8 '12 at 10:28
Yes of course. The post refers exactly to the link I mentioned above and I just copy-pasted the code fragment from that site only. – Md. Reazul Karim Dec 8 '12 at 18:32
Possibly related - I'm having a similar problem on linux. I'm using mime-util-2.1.3.jar and it's detecting some plain text files like .txt, MANIFEST.MF (a text file), and .jsp as [application/octet-stream]. It's working correctly for many otehr file types though. On linux, if I run from a command line "file -i" or "mimetype -M" on these same text files I get the correct mimetypes. – BrianPipa Dec 11 '12 at 16:08

Ok, I think I figured this out for myself (and you)... I looked at the author's unit tests, specifically MimeUtilTest.java and lo and behold, he does this in the unit test setup(): MimeUtil.registerMimeDetector("eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.MagicMimeMimeDetector"); MimeUtil.registerMimeDetector("eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.ExtensionMimeDetector"); MimeUtil.registerMimeDetector("eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.OpendesktopMimeDetector");

I, and you too, was only registering the first one, MagicMimeMimeDetector. Once I added in the other two, it all started working correctly.

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Were you able to register MimeUtil.registerMimeDetector("eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.OpendesktopMimeDetec‌​tor");?? I am getting exception while registering it – kittu Jun 19 '15 at 4:54
It worked for me - what exception are you getting? Maybe the APi changed in the 2.5 years since I posted that answer? – BrianPipa Jun 25 '15 at 18:18

Respect the OS, so you might try:

              "Windows") ? "eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.WindowsRegistryMimeDetector"
              : "eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.OpendesktopMimeDetector");
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