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I am using ExtJS framework for a widget. I have written a embedd.js script, that asynchronously loads ext-all.js (combined with other javascript). Finally, it attaches a function to be called for Ext.onReady

However, it does not get called at all using this mechanism. If however, I load the all.js and the css in the element of the page, remaining all things being equal, it works.

How do I solve this?

The code can be seen on:

(Not that I am trying to load extjs code itself asynchronously here, so it loads after rest of the page).

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You are throwing a JS error in your not working example

Line 78: Ext.onReady()

If you are loading ExtJS async, then you can only do something like Ext.onReady() after the library has loaded.

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How do I call Ext.onReady() after the library has loaded? appendChild I think will just modify the DOM, whats the event for the library actually getting loaded? Thanks – workwise Dec 8 '12 at 7:55

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