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Cocoa noob here. I'm wondering how I can capture the Enter and tab keys onKeyDown whilst the user is typing in an NSTextView?


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You should handle keyDown:(NSEvent*)theEvent message of NSTextView (i.e. write your own descendant). In this event you will have key code in [theEvent keyCode].

For return there is a constant kVK_Return, for tab - kVK_Tab, etc.

You should add Carbon framework (and #import Carbon/Carbon.h) to access these constants.

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The easiest way is to implement the - (BOOL)textView:(NSTextView *)aTextView doCommandBySelector:(SEL)aSelector delegate method and look for the insertNewline: and insertTab: selectors.

- (BOOL)textView:(NSTextView *)aTextView doCommandBySelector:(SEL)aSelector
    if (aSelector == @selector(insertNewline:)) {
        // Handle the Enter key
        return YES;
    } else if (aSelector == @selector(insertTab:)) {
        // Handle the Tab key
        return YES;

    return NO;

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Using Swift, you can create the following class:

class MyTextView: NSTextView {

    override func insertNewline(sender: AnyObject?) {
        // do something

    override func insertTab(sender: AnyObject?) {
        // do something

    override func moveUp(sender: AnyObject?) {
        // do something

    override func moveDown(sender: AnyObject?) {
        // do something

Then in xcode interface builder change the NSTextview class to MyTextView. This can be done by changing the class in the identity inspector tab.

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The question is tagged for Objective-C, not Swift. – cpburnz Apr 10 at 21:30
Eh, wrong answer. But still an answer. – Zizouz212 Apr 11 at 3:11
Although its tagged for Objective-C, its also tagged for nstextview. – eli-bd Apr 12 at 8:49

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