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My Code works. The problem I have here is that dates like November 31 and April 31 can occur every year from 2010 down to 1995 which means I have to type in all these dates e.g [Date.new(2012,09,31),Date.new(2011,09,31)] and so on. I am trying to make this validation work for only the month and the day to avoid too much typing or in other words shorten my code please see a description of my Model/profile.rb

 validate :excluded_dates

def excluded_dates
exclusion_dates = [Date.new(2012,9,31), Date.new(2012,2,1)]
if exclusion_dates.include?(self.next_shoeing)
  self.errors.add(:next_shoeing, "cannot be on a reserved date.")
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How many excluded dates do you plan to have? And is there any pattern in these excluded dates? –  Tomasz Wałkuski Dec 8 '12 at 12:01
I plan to exclude dates that dont exist such as November31 April 31 and Sept 31st and I am trying to this for all my date columns –  Mazterkizh Dec 8 '12 at 12:34

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First of all doing Date.new(2012,9,31) will throw you an ArgumentError: invalid date. IMO there is no need to validate this as no one will be able to construct such date (just handling this exception outside this model).

So if next_shoeing is an instance of Date it won't be invalid anyway.

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