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I am new to Rails and struggling to get a formtastic form to save - the database keeps rolling back the insertion without any apparent explanation.

I have a PublishedItem and a Citation. Each PublishedItem can have many references to other PublishedItems via Citation - here is the (stripped down) PublishedItem model:

    class PublishedItem < ActiveRecord::Base

      attr_accessible :date_published, 

      has_many :authorships
      has_many :authors, through: :authorships, order: "last_name, first_name"

      has_many :citations, 
        foreign_key: "citing_published_item_id", 
        class_name: "Citation", 
        dependent: :destroy

      has_many :cited_published_items, 
        through: :citations, 
        source: :cited

      has_many :reverse_citations, 
        foreign_key: "cited_published_item_id", 
        class_name: "Citation", 
        dependent: :destroy

      has_many :citing_published_items, 
        through: :reverse_citations, 
        source: :citing

There are other relationships, but I have only included one for comparison purposes: The Authorship relationship, a more typical relationship to another table, Authors save properly. It is just the self-referencing one where I am having a problem.

Here is the Citations Model:

    class Citation < ActiveRecord::Base

      attr_accessible :citation_type, :cited_id, :citing_id

      belongs_to :citing, 
        class_name: "PublishedItem", 
        foreign_key: "citing_published_item_id"

      belongs_to :cited, 
        class_name: "PublishedItem", 
        foreign_key: "cited_published_item_id"

And the table (postgresql):

    CREATE TABLE citations
      id serial NOT NULL,
      citing_published_item_id integer,
      cited_published_item_id integer,
      citation_type character varying(255),
      created_at timestamp without time zone NOT NULL,
      updated_at timestamp without time zone NOT NULL,
      CONSTRAINT published_item_citations_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id )
    WITH (

The new.html.erb form (extract):

    <%= semantic_form_for @published_item do |f| %>
      <%= f.semantic_errors %>
      <%= f.inputs do %>
        <%= f.input :title %>
        <%= f.input :authors, as: :select, 
           collection: Author.find(:all, order: "last_name ASC, first_name ASC") %>
        <%= f.input :cited_published_items, as: :select, 
           collection: PublishedItem.find(:all, order: "title ASC") %>
      <% end %>
      <%= f.actions do %>
        <%= f.action :submit, button_html: { class: "btn btn-primary" } %>
        <%= f.action :cancel, button_html: { class: "btn btn-default" } %>
      <% end %>

What I would like to have happen, and cannot seem to achieve, is to reference another PublishedItem being passed into the new PublishedItem form, and insert a record into Citations with the original PublishedItem as cited_published_item, and the new PublishedItem as the citing_published_item. But I am stumped. Whenever I select a PublishedItem in the select list, the query rollsback. Authorship (and other M:M) work properly.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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see stackoverflow.com/questions/2182428/… –  m_x Dec 8 '12 at 12:13
thanks @m_x, but it doesn't really help me - I cannot see how to reference the other side of the relationship when it is the same object. I have tried every combination of @published_item.xxx.build.build_yyy and none of them works. I added <%= fields_for :cited_published_items do |cf| %> ... and cannot get any joy there either. I am almost at the point where I am going to separate it out into two tables for the cited and the citing published items, which would be a shame. –  Alan Perkins Dec 8 '12 at 22:56

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try something like this -

controller :

def new
  @published_item = PublishedItem.new

PublishedItem model :

accepts_nested_attributes_for :citations
# i noticed your accessible foreign keys were set wrong here
attr_accessible :citation_type, 

form :

<%= semantic_form_for @published_item do |form| %>
  # published_item fields
  <%= form.fields_for :citations do |citation_subform| %>
    <%= citation_subform.select :cited_published_item_id,
          ) %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

you want your form to pass params structured like this :

{published_item : 
      {cited_published_item_id: xxx}
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Thank you @m_x - I have solved it now, thanks to you. There were a couple of other problems in my code, but now it is just cosmetics. Thank you so much!! When I have 15 reputation points, I will upvote your answer, for now I don't have the permission. Thanks again. I have learned a lot from your example. –  Alan Perkins Dec 10 '12 at 6:07
Here is a follow up question: with validates presence of citing_published_item_id, the form reports an error that citations citing cannot be blank. But without the validation, the data posts correctly, including the correct value for citing... Can this be explained? –  Alan Perkins Dec 10 '12 at 10:56
mmm... this is weird. I guess it's because the Citation is saved after the published item (see the doc on nested attributes), but the validation process must occur before any of the two is saved. You should open another question on this, because this is the policy on SO - one problem, one question. –  m_x Dec 11 '12 at 9:01

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