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Could anyone please explain how can I check if String is null or empty?

I have a below code which is giving different result explain why.

val someMap = ListMap[String,String]("key1" -> "")
val s = ""
println("s.isEmpty() : "+s.isEmpty())
println("someMap.get(\"key1\") : "+someMap.get("key1").toString().isEmpty)

Result is

s.isEmpty() : true
someMap.get("key1") : false

But why?

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This is because Map.get returns an Option: either Some(value) if the value is in the Map or None, if there is no such key in Map.

If you turn Some("") to a string you'll get "Some()" which is definitely not empty.

To achieve the behavior you wanted, write your code as

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Thank you for the answer,Got it ans we can display the result by someMap.get("key1").get – Azhar Dec 8 '12 at 13:31
@Azhar well, you can use .get("key").get, but it's a little quirky: you're not writting 1.toString.toInt, right? That's quite the same. – om-nom-nom Dec 8 '12 at 13:36
Ok, got it thank you :) – Azhar Dec 8 '12 at 13:43

i assume the

val someMap = ListMap[String,String]("key1" -> "")

is a typo and you actually meant:

val someMap = Map[String,String]("key1" -> "")

The reason you get different results is that get(key) on maps returns Option. If given key is stored in a Map, calling map.get(key) returns Some(<value_for_given_key>). If the given key is not stored in a Map, calling map.get(key) returns None.

In your example, you store value "" with key "key1" into someMap. Therefore, if you call someMap.get("key1"), you get Some(""). You then call toString on that value, which returns "Some()". And "Some()".isEmpty() returns false for obvious reasons.

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As noted, the ListMap.get method you are calling returns an Option wrapped around your String:

def get(key: A): Option[B]

Try this improved println statement to see the actual result:

println("someMap.get(\"key1\") : "+someMap.get("key1"))

Using an IDE like Intellij's free Idea 12 CE can help you spot issues like this ahead of time by displaying the method's signature and providing code completion suggestions for its return value.

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I am checking null and empty with below code to avoid empty map error.

 * isContain() will check is the key value is present in map or not and the value is null or Empty 
 * @Parameters : String
 * @return : Boolean
def isContain(paramName : String,params : scala.collection.immutable.ListMap[String,String]) :  Boolean =
        return false

 * isNullOrEmpty() will check is the String null or Empty 
 * @Parameters : String
 * @return : Boolean
def isNullOrEmpty(paramVal : String):  Boolean = {
      if(paramVal == null || paramVal.isEmpty())
          return true
      return false
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