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In my web application I am going to use OpenLayers.Strategy.AnimatedCluster strategy due to the fact that I need to visualize a great amount of point features. Here is a very good example of what it looks like. In both examples in above mentioned example the data (point features) are generated of taken from the GeoJSON file.

So, can anybody provide me with a file containing 100 000+ (better is even 500 000+) features (world cities, for instance), or explain how I can generate them so that they will be located all over the world (not like in Spain in the first example in above mentioned link).

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use a geolocation database to supply you the data you need. GeoLite, for example

If 400K+ locations is ok, use download their CSV CITY LIST

If you want more, then you might want to give the Nominatim downloads, but they are quite bulky (more than 25GB) and parsing data is not as simple as a csv file.

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