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I have some files in PSD (PhotoShop format), and jpg, gif, and they are enough large to send via e-mail so I would like to know if there is any compression tool (Under Windows or Linux if compatible with Windows) that compress files to the maximum and generates a very little compressed file. I would like this tool to support self extraction. I have used winrar but it is not so good, compressed file is similar to the original size without compressing.

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PSD, JPG and GIF (a lot of other image formats as well) are already compressed so there is no chance to reduce the size without loosing image quality.


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Try 7zip on Windows or bzip2 on Linux. Most graphic files are already stored in the maximum lossless compression form, compressing with any archiver will not make files smaller. JPG won't compress at all for sure - but you can use an image viewer or editor to to a lossy compression - that is your file will be graphically re-encoded with loss of quality and will become smaller.

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