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I'm interested in using the mark as read method for emails and in-app notifications as specified here

I'm using Symfony 1.4 and I can't find anything within sfContext or sfWebRequest that can be used to detect if the connection has been terminated. Is there anyway to do this within the Symfony framework?

Would I be able to use the PHP functions connection_status() or connection_aborted()?

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In a typical PHP script, the script execution will stop at the next tickable event after the user terminates a connection.

Because of this, you shouldn't need to really do anything to get this to work (unless you have changed this setting in your php.ini) or someone has set the ignore_user_abort flag.

But, if you want to be safe, you could do the following:


// Whatever you need here

if (false == connection_aborted()) {
    // Mark the notification as read
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