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I'm creating a message-board site using ruby on rails.
I generated two scaffolds: Topic and Forum. Topic belongs_to Forum.

when the user is creating a new topic, I should pass the forum_id (a GET var). something like:

and then, when the user submit the form he passes back the forum_id with the POST request (through hidden html field?).

what is the right way doing it?


  resources :forums

  get "admin/index"

  resources :posts

  resources :topics

  resources :users

  match '/signup', :to => 'users#new'

  get   '/login', :to => 'sessions#new', :as => :login
  match '/auth/:provider/callback', :to => 'sessions#create'
  match '/auth/failure', :to => 'sessions#failure'

  match '/topics/new/:id', :to => 'topics#new'
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It depends on your routes configuration, would you please post it? –  Ahmad Sherif Dec 8 '12 at 14:23

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A good way to do it is to nest topics resources inside forums resources like this:

resources :forums do
  resources :topics

Then in your TopicsController

class TopicsController < ApplicationController
  def new
    @forum = Forum.find params[:forum_id]
    @topic = Topic.new

  def create
    @forum = Forum.find params[:forum_id] # See the redundancy? Consider using before_filters
    @topic = @forum.topics.build params[:topic]

    if @topic.save
      redirect_to @topic
      render action: :new

And finally in your views/topics/_form.html.erb:

<%= form_for [@forum, @topic] do |f| %>
  # Your fields
<% end %>
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