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I have an IFrame embedded in a web form, the IFrame has a submit button which calls an ashx handler, the handler does the server side work and return the response call by:

 context.Response.ContentType = contentType;

How do I capture this response on the client side from outside or within the IFrame? Can I use javascript to do that?

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Yes, you can use JavaScript to do that. If you use jQuery it's simple as:

$.post("your/file", function(data) {
       // data should contain your response

You have to attach an event handler to the submit button click handler, or form submit event and do the above within that event handler method.

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I can't do that, the submit button is within a PDF control, I can only modify the button to call the handler ashx which is under my control. – Maya Dec 8 '12 at 15:17

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