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In Eclipse, is there a keyboard shortcut for switching the editor view from viewing a .cpp file to a corresponding .h file, and vice versa?

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Ctrl+Tab is the default shortcut.
You can change it in Window → Preferences → General → Keys: Toggle Source/Header

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Doesn't seem to work for me, and "Toggle Source/Header" is not one of the options in the keys dialog :( I think my Eclipse installation is broken.. – Joel Sep 4 '09 at 8:26
What version are you using? Are you sure CDT is installed? – Ionut Anghelcovici Sep 4 '09 at 8:33
Yep - My eclipse is very very broken. Turns out an update failed and I can't revert. Time to nuke it and reinstall. – Joel Sep 4 '09 at 8:57

You are lucky, there is a shortcut: Try Ctrl + TAB

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