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Hi I'm making a picture competition page (with different rules)

I can't seem to wrap my head around this 'problem'

The rule is: A user can vote for ONE picture, but not his own. and he is able to remove his vote, and vote for another.

I have PHP to check for all that, and it works fine.

The type is 0 is this case

function addVote(pictureID, competitionID, type){
$.post('vote.php', {pictureID:pictureID, competitionID:competitionID, vote:1}, function(data){
    if (data == 'success') {
    $("#comp_voteButton_"+pictureID).text('Remove vote');
    $("#comp_voteButton_"+pictureID).attr("onclick", "remVote(" + pictureID + ", " + competitionID + ")")
    if (type == 0){
    $('.button:not(.disabled, #comp_voteButton_'+pictureID+')').text('Only one vote permitted');
    $('.button:not(.disabled, #comp_voteButton_'+pictureID+')').removeClass('alreadyVoted');
            $('.button:not(.disabled)').addClass('.disabled, .red');

    getVote(pictureID, competitionID);
    }else {
        $().toastmessage('showErrorToast', "Error!");


In the same file:

function remVote(pictureID, competitionID){
$.post('vote.php', {pictureID:pictureID, competitionID:competitionID, vote:0}, function(data){
    if (data == 'success') {
    $("#comp_voteButton_"+pictureID).text('Vote picture');
    $("#comp_voteButton_"+pictureID).attr("onclick", "addVote(" + pictureID +","+competitionID+","+0+")")
    getVote(pictureID, competitionID);
    }else {
        $().toastmessage('showErrorToast', "Error!");


edit: Here's the link if that makes it easier:

<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="button blue small" id="comp_voteButton_<?echo $row['ID']?>" onclick="addVote(<?echo $row['ID']?>, <?echo $id?>, <?echo $vote?>)">Vote</a>

What I want: On addVote all the other buttons should be set to 'onclick(remVote(ID, compID))' - But I can't do that because both the ID's are not fed into the addVote function.

I hope you guys get my question (maybe it isn't possible, or a weird work-around has to be made) - But maybe there's a nifty way of doing it.

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So is the problem that you want to set all of the pictures' onclicks to remove the currently selected vote? –  Lincoded Dec 8 '12 at 16:09
Yes (which is simple enough) - but the toughest part is, when the user then clicks the button (on another picture, it should vote for the picture, and remove the old one).. –  Pzoco Dec 8 '12 at 16:13

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Okay I admit it's a darn weird problem.

But I did something else instead (and thanks for your time)

What I did instead: in addVote...

$('.button:not(.disabled, #comp_voteButton_'+pictureID+')').hide();

It then hides all other buttons, so the user won't think they can vote for more than one picture. and on the removeVote part then shows all buttons again.

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It'd be easier if you had the picture's ID in a data-value attribute or something, but you could do something like this inside of the addVote function.

$("[id*=comp_voteButton]").each(function (i) {
        remVote(pictureID, competitionID);
        var id = this.id.substring(16);
        addVote(id, competitionID);
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