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If I have a User, and a UserMapper. Would I hash the password outside the class, set the hashed password on the User set method and then save the User with the UserMapper, or would I implement the Hash method to the User (data holder) class and then save with UserMapper. Or lastly, would I Hash in the save() method in the UserMapper? What is the correct way when implementing the Data mapper pattern?

Here's the User data holder:

class User implements UserInterface
    protected $id;

    public function __construct($row = null) {
    if (!is_null($row)) {
        $this->id = $row['id'];

    public function setId($id) {
    $this->id = $id;

    public function getId() {
    return $this->id;
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Depends on your preference. I would say, hashing outside the class is wrong. But the other patterns seems more or less identical. I do the hashing in model set method... –  Kamil Šrot Dec 8 '12 at 17:35
Yes, that seems like the right choice, but then I would need to inject the Hash class which gets me suspicious about it... –  John Dec 8 '12 at 17:39

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