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I downloaded the latest intellij 12 release, and now I don't see that right click context menu item to run my unit test for the current file.

Where is that option now?

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Works for me. Please share a sample project to reproduce. – CrazyCoder Dec 8 '12 at 19:57
Working for me as well. Check your module's settings and make sure it's a Java project, it's using the correct JDK, etc; while I didn't have any issues with the upgrade, a friend had to muck with a few of his projects. – Dave Newton Dec 8 '12 at 21:00
looks like somehow the project settings changed and my folder was not marked as a test folder any longer. – Blankman Dec 9 '12 at 2:40
I have the same problem. Since switching to IntelliJ 12, for JUnit annotated classes under src/test/java, the context menu does not show any of the run or debug options that are usually available. I checked project structure and my src/test/java path is correctly designated as "Test Sources". My workaround was to create a JUnit run configuration. Details: IntelliJ project is based on Maven multi-module project. The module is a Jersey REST service. (Maybe I upgraded to IntelliJ 12 a little too soon;-) – devdanke Dec 12 '12 at 7:04
I have the same problem. I'm running on Mac OS 10.9 with JDK 1.6. I used to be able to do this in IDEA 11 but not 12 :( I've tried the suggestions below but it still doesn't work. While I can still set up unit tests from the Edit Configurations dialog, I really miss being able to quickly configure all my unit tests from the context menu... :( – Piko Oct 30 '13 at 18:51

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I also had this problem under IDEA 14.1.4 but JUnit plugin was on. After some time spent on comparing my old {HOME}/.IdeaIC14 folder and newly created one, I've discovered that problem lies in AntDebugger v1.2.0 plugin. Uninstalling it helped.

So if anyone still have problems with run item in context menu maybe it's because of some underdeveloped plugin.

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Hejwo is my HERO! I've been banging my head on this intermittently for a year. Disabling the Ant Debugger 1.2.0 plugin and restarting intellij worked for me. I'm gonna report it to Jetbrains. – Gabe Aug 14 at 20:07

The solution which worked for me, is as follows...

Right click on the test folder------>Mark Directory AS------>select Test Source

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For some reason my project settings seemed to have not been picked up correctly with IntelliJ 12, I had to reset the /test folder as a test source and it works fine now.

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Just had the same issue in a maven project - I had forgotten to mark the test class as public which resolved it immediately.

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I reinstalled IntelliJ on mac and it worked again.

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Test sources were marked correctly in my case. File -> Invalidate Caches -> Restart did it for me.

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I had this issue in IDEA 14.1.4. Somehow, my JUnit plugin became disabled in Settings --> Plugins. I re-enabled it and am back in business.

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