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I'm building web application in which you can upload image from a client but you also send geolocation data and 160 character string which shortly describes the image and contains hashtags much like the ones on twitter.

Problem is that I'm not sure of how to organize this data in database to achieve relatively fast and easy access for searching images based on tags, counting tags, tracking tag usage etc.

At first i kept tags only in image descriptions but this is slow because I have to traverse whole table and search for hashtag pattern in every description to find all the occurrences of some tag, and i have to do it every time someone puts new image. Then I decided that it would be good to keep individual tags in separate table(taking tags from description string is done on new image upload along with inserting image in table) so counting, tracking tag activity and some other things are much faster and easier to do but still I have a problem of having to search across all image descriptions to find images containing some tags. This I think is a major problem because every time someone looks for images having some tag app has to do this slow SELECT and it sucks.

I thought of using many-to-many relationship between images and associated tags so searching for images containing given tag would be faster and easier as I don't need to do full text search on whole description field which is very good and this solution may be just what I need but for some reason I don't feel right doing this and I don't know why. It's only that I don't like the idea of keeping tags in descriptions and in many-to-many table(possibly only tag IDs if I use the tag table) and I would still need to do text search when displaying image description and linking tags(possibly in other places too). I would really appreciate some advice or new perspective on this solution.

One more solution that I thought of was to use some form of indexing only on tags in descriptions but I don't really know how to approach it and implement it other than using something like Apache Solr which is the thing I don't know much about but it seems like it would create additional problems for my simple app that needs to be dynamic, fast and responsive(as its main users are intended to be smart phone users). Also note that I'm somewhat restricted to modifying shared hosting server so installing some extra software isn't the option for now. I have Linux, Apache 2, PHP 5.3 and MySQL | PostgreSQL(will most probably use pgsql)

I would really appreciate some advice on the problem and I'm happy to receive links for further reading on this topic. Thank you very much in advance!


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In relational databases like you must limit data redundancy, so I think the better way to do what you want is 3 tables like the following :

    image_id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    image_path varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    description varchar(160)

    tag_id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    tag_label varchar(80) NOT NULL

FOREIGN KEY (image_tagged) REFERENCES Image (image_id),
FOREIGN KEY (tag_tagged) REFERENCES Hashtag (tag_id),
PRIMARY KEY (image_tagged, tag_tagged)

So you musn't search across all image descriptions to find images containing some tags, you just select images in the relation Tagged :

SELECT image_path FROM Tagged INNER JOIN Image ON image_tagged=image_id
WHERE tag_tagged=my_tag

If it is not fast enough think about using a noSQL database.

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