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I am trying to integrate GeSHi syntax highlighter into my blog.

I am getting a syntax error in my code. I am not very good with PHP code hence seeking help in correcting the syntax.

My code is :

private function _renderCode($string)
    return preg_replace('/<listing (.*?)>(.*?)</listing>/es',
                '$this->highlightString('\2', '\1')', 

The Error Message is :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '\' (T_NS_SEPARATOR)
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Try '$this->highlightString(\'\\2\', \'\\1\')',

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Thanks @Esailija It worked. Thanks for the help. – Vikram Rao Dec 8 '12 at 17:13

Look at the syntax highlighting:

'$this->highlightString('\2', '\1')'

You need to escape the single quotes in a single-quoted string.

'$this->highlightString(\'\2\', \'\1\')'

(And the preferred form is '$this->highlightString(\'$2\', \'$1\')', by the way.)

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