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I am trying to grant an user privilege to update on specific columns using the where clause. Based on what I have learnt, in order to update using where once must have SELECT privileges. This is what I have and I know the syntax is wrong so could you please tell me the correct syntax or where to find it?

grant  select, update on
fullname, address where empid>5 to updateruser;

then I tried this grant select, update (empid, fullname) on myemployee to updateruser where empid>105;

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I got the answer! It was easy. Thank you for your help though! –  user1864262 Dec 8 '12 at 20:47

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This is not possible. Although You could create a View on your table:

create view table_view as select fullname, address from base_table where empid > 5;

and then grant access to this view:

grant select, update on table_view to updateuser;

this should work since such simple view is updatable in oracle.

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