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Code Hard-Wrapping. I've configured Vim to automatically (as I type) hard wrap long lines of comments on 80 columns. Works well. However, it does not seem to wrap code automatically. I thought adding set formatoptions+=t (currently I have set formatoptions=c,r,q,a,n) would do the trick, but it does not. Additionally, in Vim Script it would be great if Vim could put backward slash \ automatically when line continuation is required due to hard-wrapping. So is there a way to achieve hard-wrapping for code and such advanced features?

Advanced Indentation/Alignment. I like to use gg=G - I even attached it as a pre-hook to writing file. I have cindent enabled. Now I wonder is it possible to write indentexpr or maybe tweak some other variable to achieve the following for Vim Script code, for example:

" Before gg=G
let g:SuperTabNoCompleteAfter = ['^', '\s', ',', '(', ')', '[', ']', '{',
  \'}', '<', '>', '''', '"']

" After gg=G
let g:SuperTabNoCompleteAfter = ['^', '\s', ',', '(', ')', '[', ']', '{',
                                \'}', '<', '>', '''', '"']

I tried to add vim.vim file into ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/ with the following contents:

setlocal indentexpr=IndentExpression()

fun IndentExpression()
  let indent = cindent(v:lnum)
  let match = matchstr(getline(v:lnum - 1), '^\s*\S\+\s\+\S\+\s*=\s*\[\ze.*$')

  if !empty(match)
    let indent = len(match)

  return indent

But I was out of luck.

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Regarding the 'formatoptions': When you have a in there, there's no need for t; the former automatically wraps as you type, so the line break when the text width is reached (which the latter does), will happen, anyway. What's causing problem is the c, because that restricts the auto-format to comments. Cp. :help fo-table:

a Automatic formatting of paragraphs. Every time text is inserted or deleted the paragraph will be reformatted. See |auto-format|. When the 'c' flag is present this only happens for recognized comments.

So, a :set fo-=c should do the trick.

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Unfortunately, that does not work. – Alexander Shukaev Dec 8 '12 at 20:24

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