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I am working on a Facebook App where if the user gets an error popup, the page is supposed to auto-scroll to a certain section (read center) of the page. I have got it working on Firefox, IE, Safari but cannot get it to work on Google Chrome.

Right now I'm using this code :

  • document.getElementById('banner').scrollIntoView(true);

    --> works on all the major browsers except Chrome

I have tried all the below functions to get it working on Chrome but no luck:

  • 1.window.scrollTo(100,500);
  • 2.parent.window.scroll(0,0);
  • 3.parent.frames.window.scrollTo(200,300);
  • 4.var rowpos = jQuery('#banner').position();
  • 5.jQuery('#iframe_canvas').animate({ scrollTop: jQuery('#banner').offset().top }, { duration: 'slow', easing: 'swing'});

Since this is to be made to work on a Facebook App that is by rendered by Facebook in an iframe which is sort of like a sandbox, therefore the outermost parent window has no control of the elements inside the iframe, therefore I am running out of ideas.

I would really appreciate if anyone can drop any pointers to help me solve this issue, its holding up my entire project from being delivered :(

Thanks in advance!

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Any errors in the console? The fact that "nothing" is working would indicate that there's some other error condition occurring. – Madbreaks Dec 8 '12 at 18:16
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Use the FB.Canvas.scrollTo function of the Facebook JS-SDK

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Thank you so much Mr. Frederick Behrends. It's really helpfull for me. – Vinay Dec 10 '12 at 6:31

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