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I am looking to make a web application and market to a certain industry. I want to offer the flexibility to have each company in the industry have a unique solution. Most things will be similar, but they can all have very different looks for the same data. I assume making a new web app for each company is the only way, since there will be so much variability. However, I need to use MS Office to import and export data, what is the best way to do this? Visual Basic?

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Answering specifically this point with reference to the VB6 tag:

I need to use MS Office to import and export data

VB6 was, for a long time, an excellent way to interact with Office applications via OLE Automation. However nobody would advice you to use it now. The Office applications can be accessed in VB.NET or many other languages via their API. See the Office Developer site as a starting point for your learning or try searching for something like 'microsoft office automation'

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