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I have more than a hundred of different articles, and I would like to add at the end of each one (without deleting the existing content) a same and unique comment :

<br/>signature blabla<br/>

I want to use PhpMyAdmin and SQl to do that inside the table xxx_content in the column introtext (at the end of the content) All the articles are from different categories (catid=778,779,780)

The code should be something like :

INSERT INTO introtext FROM xxx_content(WHERE catid=778,779,780) THIS (<br/>signature blabla<br/>) at the end of the content

This <br/>signature blabla<br/> will then be editable from the article editor.

Thank you !

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I understood it like you actually want to update existing content:

UPDATE yourTable 
SET yourTextColumn = CONCAT(yourTextColumn, '<br/>signature blabla<br/>') 
WHERE catid IN (778, 779, 780);
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@Giom How about some feedback? – fancyPants Dec 10 '12 at 8:25
Yes! That works perfectly! Thanks so much, you are the man, tombom! With all my gratefulness, giom – Guillaume Combot Dec 10 '12 at 17:30

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