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I would really appreciate it if someone could answer the following questions regarding Hadoop:

  1. I've installed version 0.22.0, and did the formatting of namenode. But when I add a file (using hadoop fs -put command), the file is added to the current folder of the operating system rather than to the Hadoops storage folder ( which I think is /tmp/hadoop-root/dfs/name). I have worked with version 1.0.4 as well, and in the case of 1.0.4, any file thatyou added ended up in Hadoop's storage folder rather than being added to the current folder of the operating system. So, is version 0.22.0 suppose to do that?

  2. I have such a nightmare with the Hadoop's Eclipse plugin. First of all the latest Hadoop version (which is 1.1.1) doesn't even include the Eclipse plugin jar file. version 1.0.4 has the plugin, but it doesn't work. Earlier versions of Hadoop such as 0.22.0 have the plugin and it works, but then these versions of Hadoop are old, and I want to work wit the latest version. So, what is the deal with Eclipse plugin for Hadoop? Why latest versions either don't have the plugin, or if they do, then the plugin doesn't work? Does everyone has so much problem with this plugin? Should I give up on this plugin?

  3. This Apache page http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/EclipseEnvironment seems to explain how to download Hadoop, and build it. If I follow the instruction of that page, does it add the Eclipse plugin to the Eclipse as well, or that the instruction is just for building core Hadoop only?

Thanks for your time, Shannon

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It would be better to post these are three separate questions. That would make it possible to properly define a tags and a subject for each question. – Fredrik Dec 8 '12 at 19:43
Thanks. I will do as you mentioned. – user1888243 Dec 8 '12 at 20:25
OK. that's why these questions seem so familiar. :) – Chris Gerken Dec 9 '12 at 1:56

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