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Given the following example...

public class Example
    public static T GetDefaultValue<T>()
    // return ???

Without using generics, what approach could I use to constrain the type passed in to the GetDefaultValue function to a class with a parameterless constructor that implements IDisposable? How would I instantiate an instance of the that type to return from the GetDefaultValue function?

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I don't understand, your example class has the generic T –  jb. Dec 8 '12 at 19:36

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I'm confused by what you mean.. but instead of using generics (without generics?) you can constrain the type to an interface.

public ISomeInterface GetDefaultValue(ISomeInterface theObject)
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With generics, you can do

public static T GetDefaultValue<T>() where T : new(), IDisposable
   return new T();

Whatever type you set T to be must have a default constructor, though. This way, calling GetDefaultValue() will get you the precise type you need without the need to cast as you would have to if GetDefaultValue() returned an IDisposable.

I assume you didn't want a generics solution because the ability to instantiate a generic type is not well-known. I personally came across this by accident, and boy, is it a life saver!

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