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I want to take user input in the console such as "keyword1 and keyword2" or "keyword1 and (keyword2 or keyword3)"

Then I want to interpret that and convert it into booleans to query the keyword in an array.

It would have to handle "and","or" and "()" brackets.

I would rather not use a third-party library for it but if there is no easy way I'll take that. I started looking into Lucene but it seems complex for my needs and I want to be able to query an array instead of a document.

Edit: Note I am rather new to programming so simpler solutions are preferred.

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You should probably google for "parser generator" and pick one that you like. You're using Java, so ANTLR might be a good choice. Or you can write your own; recursive-descent parsers aren't too hard to build. – tmyklebu Dec 8 '12 at 21:05
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You need a parser, but you could consider using the java compiler itself if you wrapped the input in code that would make a valid class.

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Is there one in the default classes or should I use one like Lucene? What do you mean "wrapping the input in code" ? Do you have an example. I'm a bit of a noob :) – jigglylizard Dec 8 '12 at 20:55

You can use compiler of compilers like JavaCC. It can produce java code than parse expressions with your own grammar and interpret it. In that case you shouldn't use external libs.

There is example of arithmetic calculator on JavaCC.

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