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I need to create a patchwork in Python 3. All I have left to do is create a loop which makes the design border the graphics window. I know I need a for loop however I am not sure how to do this.

This is what I have so far:

from graphics import *

def main():
    height = eval(input("What is the height of the window"))
    width = eval(input("What is the width of the window"))
    colour = input("enter the colour of the patch")
    win = GraphWin("Patch", 100*width, 100*height)
    boat_x = 0
    boat_y = 0
    for x in range (4):
         boat(win, boat_x, boat_y, colour)
         boat_x = boat_x + 23
    for i in range(height * 5):
         boat(win, boat_x, boat_y, colour)
         boat_x = boat_x + 24
    for j in range(height * 5):
         boat(win, boat_x, boat_y, colour)
         boat_y = boat_y + 100

def boat(win, x, y, colour):
    body1 = Polygon(Point(1+x,95+y), Point(5+x,100+y),
                Point(20+x,100+y), Point(24+x,95+y))
    line1 = Line(Point(13+x,95+y), Point(13+x,90+y))
    sail1 = Polygon(Point(1+x,90+y), Point(24+x,90+y), Point(13+x, 73+y))
    body2 = Polygon(Point(1+x, 63), Point(5+x, 68),
                        Point(20+x,68), Point(24+x,63))
    line2 = Line(Point(13+x,63), Point(13+x,58))
    sail2 = Polygon(Point(1+x,58), Point(24+x, 58), Point(13+x,40))
    body3 = Polygon(Point(1+x,28), Point(5+x,33),
                        Point(20+x,33), Point(24+x, 28))
    line3 = Polygon(Point(13+x,28), Point(13+x,23))
    sail3 = Polygon(Point(1+x,23), Point(24+x, 23), Point(13+x, 5))


So far this creates the top border but nothing else. I am also aware that the boat function isn't the most efficient way of drawing

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your loop should do what? also from graphics import * doesn't seem familar to me, what GUI library/toolkit are you using? –  mata Dec 8 '12 at 22:38

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When you say that you need to "make the design border the graphics window" I assume you want your boat design to be repeated several times along each edge of the window (that is, the top, bottom, left and right).

This should be doable in two loops. One will draw the top and bottom edges, the other two will draw the left and right edges. I'm not too sure how your drawing code works, so I'm guessing at some offsets here:

top = 0
bottom = (height-1) * 100

for x in range(0, width*100, 25):
    boat(x, top, colour)
    boat(x, bottom, colour)

left = 0
right = width * 100 - 25

for y in range(100, (height-1)*100, 100):
    boat(left, y, colour)
    boat(right, y, colour)

This should call your boat subroutine every 25 pixels across the top and bottom, and every 100 pixels along the left and right edges. Adjust the top, bottom, left and right values and the parameters in the range calls in the loops to make the spacing suit your needs (I just made it up). This code avoids drawing the corner items twice, though depending on how the drawing routine works that might not be necessary.

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