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I'm plotting a factor on the x-axis, so each point is labeled with the name of the factor. Since the text would overlap if plotted horizontally, I'm plotting it all vertically. However, I then will occasionally run into issues with the x-axis margin not being large enough. So, my question: Is there a way to determine how long a text string will be when plotted (in, say, inches)?

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I believe you are looking for strwidth in the graphics package.

To use it, first plot your graph. Then simply call strwidth("your string") eg:



#  [1] 0.2640991
strwidth(" a longer string\n with multiple lines asdfsdfjkdsrew")
#  [1] 1.875732

strwidth("hello", units="inches")
#  [1] 0.3521322
strwidth("hello", units="figure")
#  [1] 0.05030459

If you are plotting rotated text, It's possible you may want to use strheight (analogous functionality)

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That's just what I was looking for, thanks! –  random_forest_fanatic Dec 9 '12 at 14:31

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