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I am writing a secure instant messaging program in c++ using the libtomcrypt C library for its RSA and SPRNG functions. I got libtomcrypt compiled as a static library and I have been able to link to it and run the sprng functions and see and use the random data it is generating.

The problem I am having is trying to use the rsa_make_key() function which has dependencies to a linked math library to function.

In this case I am trying to use Tomsfastmath (tfm) which I am also trying to link as a static library. Both of these libraries reside in their own project folder one directory up from my project folder (ie ../libtomcrypt)

In my code when I try to access the tomsfast math descriptor "tfm_desc" I get the error test_crypt.cpp:8:11: error: 'tfm_desc' was not declared in this scope. Which makes me think that tfm is not getting correctly linked into libtomcrypt. I have read the documentation for both of these things its not very clear.

I am at wits end here. What I am doing wrong?

Here is my make file

 CC:=gcc #C Compiler
 CFLAGS:=-std=c99 -O0 -I/home/k3rb3ros/csci484-CMU-/libtomcrypt-1.17/src/headers -g -     Wall -Wextra#C Compiler flags
 CPP:=g++ #C++ Compiler
 CPPFLAGS:=-std=gnu++0x -O0 -I/home/k3rb3ros/csci484/csci484-CMU-/libtomcrypt-  1.17/src/headers -L. -g -Wall -Wextra#C++ Compiler flags
 #CPPFLAGS:=-std=gnu++0x -O0 -g -Wall -Wextra #C++ Compiler flags
 LDFLAGS:= -lSDL -lSDL_net -ltfm -ltomcrypt
 CSOURCES= #C files used in this program
 CPPSOURCES=connection.cpp chat.cpp test_crypt.cpp #CPP files used in this prgram
 #COBJECTS=$(CSOURCES:.c=.o)libtfm.a libtomcrypt.a

      $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@

      $(CPP) $(CPPFLAGS) -c $< -o $@



and here is my test_crypt function

#include "headers/test_crypt.h"
using namespace std;

void test_crypt()
     int err = 0;
     int rng_idx = -1; //rng index, not sure if I need this
     ltc_mp = tfm_desc; //tell tomcrypt to use toms fast math
     rsa_key pub_key;
     prng_state random_gen;

     if((err = sprng_start(&random_gen)) != CRYPT_OK) //start the rng and check for errors
         cout << "start error " << error_to_string(err) << endl;

     rng_idx = find_prng("sprng");
     if((err = sprng_ready(&random_gen)) != CRYPT_OK)
         cout << "Ready error " << error_to_string(err) << endl;

     //test toms fast math present and working
     //fp_int test;

     //sprng_read(entropy, size, &random_gen);

     if((err = rsa_make_key(NULL,           //PRNG state
                            rng_idx,        //PRNG idx
                            1024/8,         //Size of key
                            65537,          //e
                            &pub_key)       //RSA key
                            ) != CRYPT_OK) //if conditon test
         cout << "RSA Key Generation error " << error_to_string(err) << endl;
     rsa_free(&pub_key); //free the key when we are done with it;
     sprng_done(&random_gen); //done generating random numbers
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That's a compiler error, not a linker error. –  melpomene Dec 8 '12 at 23:39

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Add -DTFM_DESC to your makefile's CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS variables so the headers will declare tfm_desc as an extern variable.

The tfm_desc variable should then get pulled in from the library.

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As a side note, you may want to rename CPPFLAGS to CXXFLAGS. CPPFLAGS is often used to configure options for the C Preprocessor; CXXFLAGS is often used for C++. –  Michael Burr Dec 9 '12 at 3:50
I was able to get my code to compile by adding -DTFM_DESC to CPP(should be CXX flags) and fixing the -L pointing to the wrong folder. Thanks for your help. Normally Makefiles are awesome but this project got out of hand. –  K3rb3ros Dec 9 '12 at 8:13

You need to include the relevant header in your test_crypt file.

I incorrectly stated that you would need to include tfm.h earlier. You should #include "tomcrypt.h" instead, as it should provide you with the constant you need.

To clarify what melpomene said, your issue is that you're not including the correct headers which is causing the compiler to - correctly - tell you that the identifier you are using is not declared.

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<tomcrypt.h> is included in myheader file I wish the solution was this easy, but something else is going on here. –  K3rb3ros Dec 9 '12 at 1:22

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