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So I have this method that returns the time when a tv-show ends(e.g.: 21:15),but when the hour or minute is under 10 I need the method to return something like this : 21:05.

I tried like this, but because msg1 and msg2 are type String they can't return my int, if the elses occur.

What can I do? Helpfull Info: Im in my first year of Computer Engineering.

public static final int ZERO = 0;

 public String endsWhen(){
        String msg1="";
        String msg2="";

            msg1=ZERO + getFHour();
            msg1=getFHour();  //error here

            msg2=getFMin;    //error here

        return  msg1 + ":" + msg2;
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You cannot assign an int primitive to a string. assuming your getFHour() and getFMin() returns int. try:



OR, you can also convert an int to a string with Integer.toString() method.



However you should be using SimpledateFormater to format Dates and Time

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+1, for the SimpledateFormater – dreamcrash Feb 2 '13 at 20:33

If your getFHour(); is returning a primitive type different than string you can do:

 msg1="" + getFHour();

similar with the other line:

msg2=""+ getFMin();
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Try using a date formatter to format the time when the TV show starts.

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