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Hello everybody i have a menu in typoscript and i would like the generated HTML to look like this

<a href=" ">Text<span></span></a>

I am able to wrap Text inside span tags but i cannot find a way to to put an empty span tag on the right of Text. Does anyone have an idea?

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Pretty weird to put empty tags on purpose, but here you go:

HMENU.TMENU.TMENUITEM.stdWrap.wrap = |<span></span>

For reference, here is the list of wraps you can use for menus:

 <beforeImg beforeImgTagParams>
  <A href=… ATagParams TITLE=ATagTitle>
   <stdWrap.wrap> TMENUITEM </stdWrap.wrap>
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thanks a lot. I wa tick away from finding the solution i used the whole time stdWrap.wrap = |*|<span></span>. Next time i will read the documentation of optionsplit more carefully :)). They empty span tags will be used for jquery effects ;) –  Sotiris Dec 10 '12 at 1:01

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