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I tried:

sheetLoopParam.insert_bitmap(os.path.abspath("static/PLL_diagram2_small.bmp"), 12, 0)

but it says:

IOError: [Errno 13] file not accessible: 'C:\Users\rest_of_path\static\PLL_diagram2_small.bmp'

The path it displays is correct, I don't understand why it says it can't access it. Thank you.

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I figured it out, more or less. I put the image in the app's root directory instead of inside the static directory, seems to like that ok.

Like this:

sheetLoopParam.insert_bitmap(os.path.abspath("PLL_diagram2_small.bmp"), 12, 0)

instead of like this:

sheetLoopParam.insert_bitmap(os.path.abspath("static/PLL_diagram2_small.bmp"), 12, 0)

I just need to insert the one image so that works ok.

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