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[I am using Python, and ruby gem twurl to request with OAuth.]

I am trying to get follower ids from Twitter, for @BarackObama, who has 24,265,751 followers currently. Mathematically, 24,265,751 /5000/350 gives 13.8 hrs to collect, and that is about 14-15 hrs if we give it with an hour margin.

Everytime I try to collect it with my code, it gives error on some point while pagination. When I get back on collecting after I get error, it looks at different page so that it collects more than I was expected to have.

I want to know if I am working wrong, or my code architecture has defects. Here are my functions to use;

def request_followers(namevar, name, candidate_id, id_str):
    next_cursor = -1
    cmd = 'twurl "/1/followers/ids.json?cursor=-1&screen_name=' + namevar + '"'
    data = fol_req(cmd)

    /*code to add data into database as soon as it gets the data.*/

        if (data.get('ids')):
        while (len(data.get('ids')) == 5000):
        next_cursor = data['next_cursor']
        followers_request = 'twurl "/1/followers/ids.json?cursor=' + str(next_cursor) + '&screen_name=' + namevar+'"'
            data = fol_req(followers_request)
            /*code to add data into database as soon as it gets the data.*/
            continue # if error, retry after 5 sec.
        print "error on", followers_request

This is to have pagination, and

def fol_req(followers_request):
    request_limit = remainingHits()
    attempt = 0
    data = {}
    while (attempt < request_limit-1) and not(data.get('ids')):
            attempt += 1
            (status, output) = commands.getstatusoutput(followers_request)
            if status:
            data = json.loads(output)
        request_limit = remainingHits()
        data = fol_req(followers_request)   
    return data

This is to request using twurl and python sys.

Is my architecture wrong some point?

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I would be surprised if the service allows you to freely fetch that amount of data. Do they legally allow that ? – mmgp Dec 9 '12 at 2:50
You're probably hitting the limits of Twitter api. It shouldn't let you do more than 150 calls. – Diego Basch Dec 11 '12 at 21:06

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