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I have just downloaded the ZF-Commons ACL module 'bjyAuthorise' and have just got it working using a derivation of the basic config suggested on github website.


This seems to be working fine, I get access to the files I expect and get a '403 Forbidden' notice if I click on resources I have yet to define or that hold elevated access rights. However, if I visit another website then click the back button, the ACL fails and I get full access to the denied page.

If I click a link from within the site (i.e. on the navbar), I once again get the 403.

This seems strange, but then I am new to the module, so probably just a config issue.

I have used the database option to configure two roles, user and guest, guest is a parent or guest. The only feature I am currently working with is the route guard. All thoughts appreciated.

My config looks like this:

'bjyauthorize' => array(
    'default_role' => 'guest',

    'identity_provider' => 'BjyAuthorize\Provider\Identity\ZfcUserZendDb',
    'unauthorized_strategy' => 'BjyAuthorize\View\UnauthorizedStrategy',

    'role_providers' => array(

        'BjyAuthorize\Provider\Role\ZendDb' => array(                
            'table'             => 'user_role',                
            'role_id_field'     => 'role_id',                
            'parent_role_field' => 'parent',            

    'resource_providers' => array(
        'BjyAuthorize\Provider\Resource\Config' => array(

    'rule_providers' => array(

    'guards' => array(

        'BjyAuthorize\Guard\Route' => array(
            // Below is the default index action used by the [ZendSkeletonApplication](https://github.com/zendframework/ZendSkeletonApplication)
            array('route' => 'home', 'roles' => array('guest')),

            array('route' => 'zfcuser/logout', 'roles' => array('user')),
            array('route' => 'zfcuser/login', 'roles' => array('guest')),
            array('route' => 'zfcuser/register', 'roles' => array('guest')),
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From the server's perspective, there shouldn't be a difference between a request made using the site navigation or the back button (except of course you handle the HTTP referer somehow, but I assume that this isn't the case). Therefore I guess that you are facing a caching problem. Try hit the back button and refresh the page then. Are you still getting a 200? –  Andreas Baumgart Nov 13 '13 at 19:52
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