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I have this current before filter in my users_controller

before_filter :authenticate_usergroup, :except => [:edit, :update, :show]

It works great for just allowing a user to edit their information but not being able to see all the users, but i'v found that by just changing their 'id' in the url they could also edit other users information.

How can i only allow :edit, :show and :update functions to the current user for their own record. i have this method in my application_controller to be able to access the current user

def current_user
 return unless session[:user_id]
 @current_user ||= User.find_by_id(session[:user_id])

#update from users_controller.rb
def update
@user = User.find(params[:id])

respond_to do |format|
  if @user.update_attributes(params[:user])
    format.html { redirect_to @user, :notice => 'User was successfully updated.' }
    format.json { head :no_content }
    format.html { render :action => "edit" }
    format.json { render :json => @user.errors, :status => :unprocessable_entity }
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Show us one of your actions so we can give you an answer with better context. – deefour Dec 9 '12 at 3:23
@Deefour i will add my update action (i think thats what you are asking), i apolagise i'm quite new to ruby on rails – messyeater Dec 9 '12 at 3:52
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if you "scope" that only the current_user can access their information, then it doesn't matter.

so in show and edit

@user = current_user

in update action something like current_user.update_attributes(params[:user]) should do the trick.

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i have it so that admins can update anybodies information. would this still allow that? – messyeater Dec 9 '12 at 3:50
No, it will not. – deefour Dec 9 '12 at 3:53
thankyou, i used your idea and put it inside an if statement that checked the group of the member logged in, and used a different @user if the group was admin. – messyeater Dec 9 '12 at 4:09

I did it this way:

in #show action in the controller:

if == Certificate.find(params[:id]).user_id
  @certificate = Certificate.find(params[:id])
  redirect_to certificates_url, notice: 'You can only view your own certificates'

I know its not using a 'before_filter', but it seems to have the same effect of blocking users from simply typing in different urls to view other users information.

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