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I'm making a game for a Gr. 12 programming course with my friends. I have 3D models I made in Blender on my local repository. Blender files end in .blend, and it also likes to make backups with extensions such as something.blend1, something.blend2, and so on, and I don't like deleting them every time I work on them. I'd like to ignore those in my .gitignore, how would I do that?

I tried having *.blend* in my .gitignore, but that ignored everything that ended in .blend. I also tried .blend*, but that ignored nothing.

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Try this instead: *.blend?

The * matches zero or more characters, but the ? matches a single character.

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Or *.blend[0-9] to ensure that only numbers are considered. –  Kay Apr 24 '13 at 6:08

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