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I want to simulate OpenFlow to check its performance and efficiency in certain framework. How can I do that without using actual openflow enabled switches?

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You can use Mininet, it's a openflow network prototyping tool that used openVSwitch. Mininet allows you to create large network topologies and simulate traffic.

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To do performance testing or in general research in Software Defined Networking field you have several options for network simulator & emulator:

1) Mininet (Emulator; Learning curve: Easy; Open source)

2) Estinet (Simulator & Emulator; Learning curve: Moderate; Proprietary)

3) ns-3 (Simulator; Learning curve: Difficult; Open source)

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Mininet, as mentioned should be your best shot. http://mininet.github.com/

Its strong points are:

  • active development
  • very active mailing list
  • preconfigured Ubuntu VM available
  • supports other distributions, too

Go vote on the area 51 proposal to make it a stackexchange site!!! http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/44914/openflow

I am in the process of building a Mininet installer for Fedora. It installs on a full install, once I get it to run completely and on a minimal install I will ask it to be forged back into mininet's trunk.

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