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I was going through the MvcMovie Tutorial and I was trying to modify the SearchIndex() call in the MoviesController to search by multiple criteria. The tutorial shows you how to search by title and genre using the following code:

   var movies = from m in db.Movies 
             select m; 

   if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(searchString)) 
       movies = movies.Where(s => s.Title.Contains(searchString)); 

   if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(movieGenre)) 
       return View(movies); 
       return View(movies.Where(x => x.Genre == movieGenre)); 

So if I read this right they return all movies then filter on Genre. That would be fine for a dual case but when you add in a 3rd or 4th search criteria you would then increase the amount of if statement calls by a factor of 2 (to the n) - 1 cases. This would get very unruly if for say you had 10 or so columns to search by.

I tried to use something a little more straight forward like:

var movieQry = from m in db.Movies
                where ((m.Title !=null && m.Title == searchString) ||
                       (m.Rating != null && m.Rating == movieRating) ||
                       (m.Genre != null && m.Genre == movieGenre))
                select m;

but that would not return anything when you first visit the page and only works for a single filter (if I select the Genre - I get good results but not when I select Genre and Rating) and I get nothing returned when I enter a search term for Title.

Is there an easier way to accomplish? (At some point I will need to be able to search on dozens of filters for a project I will be writing... and I have other questions about how to search database for entries but for not this will get me moving in the right direction).

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if you want to include the column in the criteria if it is not null then try following:

  string Title = Request.QueryString["Title"];
  string Rating= Request.QueryString["Rating"];
  string Genre = Request.QueryString["Genre"];

   var movieQry = from m in db.Movies
                    where ((string.IsNullOrEmpty(Title) ? true : m.Title == Title ) &&
                           (string.IsNullOrEmpty(Rating) ? true : m.Rating == Rating ) &&
                           (string.IsNullOrEmpty(Genre)  ? true : m.Genre == Genre ))
                    select m;
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This code does not return any of the database entries when there is no search criteria sent in (which should return all database entries) though I may be able to use this in another project where I want to search by specific columns in my database – jbolt Dec 9 '12 at 6:16
if no criteria provided (all are null). then condition would be true && true && true and all records will be returned. – Behnam Esmaili Dec 9 '12 at 6:27
the columns in the database do contain data but the search criteria sent in is null. On initial visit to page all records are returned. With all search fields empty I get 0 results returned. The url sent in is "/Movies/SearchIndex?movieGenre=&movieRating=&SearchString=" and selecting any combination of search criteria returns 0 records as well – jbolt Dec 9 '12 at 6:36
i think in the first visit all keys are null (but not empty) but in the second one keys are empty.i have updated code.please check. – Behnam Esmaili Dec 9 '12 at 6:42
well that not what I'm looking for. This code checks to see if the database has entries (which it should for all columns). If I edit that and change whats in the () to the search criteria string (searchString , movieRating, movieGenre) then it partially works. I get good returns from Genre and Rating but as soon as I input a searchString into the text box I receive 0 results. – jbolt Dec 9 '12 at 6:55
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Behnam was kind of on the right track. I modified the code as follows:

var movieQry2 = from m in db.Movies
    where ((string.IsNullOrEmpty(searchString) ? true : m.Title.Contains(searchString)) &&
           (string.IsNullOrEmpty(movieRating) ? true : m.Rating == movieRating) &&
           (string.IsNullOrEmpty(movieGenre) ? true : m.Genre == movieGenre))
    select m;

This works and gives good results. Sorry Behnam can't give you an accepted answer but I did tick it up as being useful. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Try this:

var movieQry = db.Movies
  .Where(x=> (Title == null || x.Title ==Title)
   && (Rating == null || x.Rating == Rating)
   && (Genre == null || x.Genre == Genre))                       

For other paging and sorting see MVC multiple field search

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