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Is there some sort of standard or convention on naming JavaScript prototypes?

I find myself in the need to add methods on prototypes of both native and user-defined functions quite often, and so I usually store the prototypes themselves in local variables:

var functionPrototype = Function.prototype;
var objectPrototype = Object.prototype;
var arrayPrototype = Array.prototype;

Although the names are very descriptive, they are unnecessarily long.

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hmmm, I have used prototype a lot and have never seen a standard convention for this... Might require me actually to pull out some of my old javascript books. – ryan Dec 9 '12 at 7:58
"Unnecessarily long" - why do you have restrictions on length of the names? Your names are readable perfectly fine, and size of identifiers does not really matter for final minified scripts... – Alexei Levenkov Dec 9 '12 at 8:00
@AlexeiLevenkov - I agree, but the shorter the name the sweeter. Just a matter of style. As long as you decide on a convention and stick to it, it really doesn't matter. – Aadit M Shah Dec 9 '12 at 8:04
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I believe that there's no standard convention on naming prototype objects. So I created my own standard.

As I mentioned in my comment above choosing a standard is just a matter of style or preference. However once you choose one you should stick to it.

Here's the standard I use now:

var functProto = Function.prototype;
var objectProto = Object.prototype;
var arrayProto = Array.prototype;

var boolProto = Boolean.prototype;
var numberProto = Number.prototype;
var stringProto = String.prototype;

var classProto = Class.prototype;
var rectProto = Rectangle.prototype;
var myClassProto = MyClass.prototype;

In general here are the guidelines for naming a prototype:

  1. It should be in camel case.
  2. It should end in Proto.
  3. If the abbreviation of the constructor name is more than 3 characters then use it.
  4. Otherwise use the full name of the constructor.

This keeps very long constructor names like Function, Boolean and Rectangle short while keeping longer names long.

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