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socket.io.js not found

I installed a simple web-chat demo: https://github.com/sorensen/node-chat-demo

and I want to connect to it via an apache proxy server, so that instead of:


the address will be:


This works for the static pages, for example, the address:


correctly translates to:


However, it does not work with socket.io.js:


does not translate to:


because socket.io.js is not actually there...

so where is it?

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OK, I found out that my problem was really related to Apache proxy server - I rewrote the question –  Erel Segal-Halevi Dec 9 '12 at 9:08

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socket.io.js is not static. depending on the client capabilities, different versions are sent to the browser (e.g. for native socket support, flash sockets, jsonp)

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