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I created my code but I do not know how to acquire what title said

    var scrolltop=$('#scrollbox').attr('scrollTop');
    var scrollheight=$('#scrollbox').attr('scrollHeight');
    var windowheight=$('#scrollbox').attr('clientHeight');

    if(scrolltop ==(scrollheight-windowheight)){
        loaddata(form_data , size);


with this script i will check if scroll reach to bottom of div or not if reached i will fire up loaddata function but the problem is when this fire ajax script if scroll reach to bottom many ajax call will happen.now i need to change the position of scrollbar to not allow this.

i did something like this until now,but no success unfortunately.

    $('#content').animate({scrollTop : 100}, "slow");

of curse i need to animate this scroll but nothing happen.

thanks in advance


the question is clear how to change scrollbar position by jquery?

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Please post the code on jsfiddle.net –  palaѕн Dec 9 '12 at 9:01

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i found where the problem was..in jquery you can use scrollTop to go to the y axis area but you have to select right to div..in my case i had to scroll $('scrollbox') and not content div.problem solved

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