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I have been using the jquery Cookie plugin https://github.com/carhartl/jquery-cookie for some time. For setting multiple cookies, I usually do like this:

$.cookie('cookie1', 'value1');
$.cookie('cookie2', 'value2');
$.cookie('cookie3', 'value3');

And for deleting multiple cookies, I usually do like this:

$.cookie('cookie1', null);
$.cookie('cookie2', null);
$.cookie('cookie3', null);

I just want to know, Is there some way we can do this is one line?? Something like:

// For setting multiple cookies
$.cookie({'cookie1', 'value1'},{'cookie2', 'value2'},{'cookie3', 'value2'});

// For deleting multiple cookies
$.cookie({'cookie1', null},{'cookie2', null},{'cookie3', null});

Thanks in Advance!

P.S. The above code is just my assumption.

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no, this is not possible with this plugin. –  ahren Dec 9 '12 at 8:55

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I think, right at the moment it is not possible. We have to use the plain old way of setting multiple cookies like this:

$.cookie('cookie1', 'value1');
$.cookie('cookie2', 'value2');
$.cookie('cookie3', 'value3');
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