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I have modified my MOSS 2007 configuration to query a given target AD successfully. I would like to show some custom LDAP fields (such as country) in the PeopleEditor control and allow users to search against these fields. Can someone point me towards useful resources/tutorials showing how to do this?

Thanks, MagicAndi.

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You need to inherit from the EntityEditor control (just as PeopleEditor does) and write your own queries and validation.

Some background (read community content):

Along with these links and carefully studying the PeopleEditor control with Reflector, another good resource is this blog post from Igor Kozlov. There's a less detailed but still useful example on MSDN here.

I'm working on a CodePlex project that queries any given Active Directory from a people picker. It's well documented and combines techniques from the various references out on the web (giving credit of course). Hope it helps someone as well!

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Alex, Thanks for answering. I had already came across Igor's post and had started work using the EntityEditor, based on Igor's post. +1 –  MagicAndi Sep 7 '09 at 16:38
Alex, accepted as answer. Sorry for the delay! –  MagicAndi Oct 19 '09 at 12:27

A first step should be to map the fields form the AD to a attribute in the SharePoint user profile. You can do this in the configuration of the Share Service Provider (Central Administration > Shared Services > User Profiles and Properties).

There you add a new attribute and define which AD field should be mapped to it. You can also define which fields the users are allowed to override (but only in SharePoint, it's only a one ways synchronization) and which one are read only.

This blog post shows how to configure the SharePoint search to be able to search users by a custom attribute in the user profile.

I hope this will point you into the right direction.

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@Flo:You are right at what you said, but his question is to exposing those fields in the People picker control. Not in the People search as you mentioned –  Kusek Sep 4 '09 at 11:45
Kusek, beat me to it. Flo, thanks for answering, but I am specifically looking at modifying the PeopleEditor control. –  MagicAndi Sep 4 '09 at 12:01

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